This work experience has been great for me, not just because of having this experience as a worker, but because I’ve learned a lot of new things and developed new skills that will help me in the near future.

When I started working, I barely knew about arduino comparing with what I know now. With a lot search and work, I was able to get more knowledge about it and become better and better by the time. In the beginning I couldn’t do much, I started working simply with arduino, cables, resistors and leds. For the code, I also didn’t know much functions for it, despite already being used to the C language. When I was getting better, I was given new components such as the temperature sensor and the relay, which is an important component that can be used like a switch to turn on and off another components.

Later, when I got used to arduino, I was given a new component called Ethernet Shield, where I could do new things from a web page. Before starting using it, I had to search a lot so I would be ready to finally use it by myself. This component made possible to use a web page, where I had to learn html and php. From this web page, I developed my skills with these new languages building tables and text boxes. Though, I had some problems with it, bugs in the code, but with patience and hard work me and my colleague managed to fix it.

By the time, I was given more components like the light sensor and buzzer. The first one gets the light values and the second simply makes sound. At the end of each project, me and my colleague had the task of making a tutorial, with detailed explanation, pictures taken of arduino and of the web page, the code we used and explanation about it and finally a video showing what really happens in the project. We had also the task of writing a report at the end of the day, saying what we have been doing.

To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed working at hydra solutions, because despite being a very good company, it also has great workers that have always given their time to help us and they have always been nice to us, mainly our tutor who has always stopped his work for a bit to help us in any situation. They make this company have a great ambient and I feel proud having worked here.