Internship final report – Relazione di chiusura tirocinio, a cura di Alexandre Leitão

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This experience of seeing people work at a company and work with them was really interesting, here I had the chance to learn new stuff related to all kinds of matters and practice some old knowledge.

Here I have worked with Arduino Uno R3, later a Ethernet shield and lots of sensors and components which gave me the opportunity to learn how Arduino works, how Arduino programming is important and needs a lot of thinking and management. For each component that I had, I tried to study it and see how it works, even though most of the times some components didn’t work properly at first , but in the end I manage to make it all work. The first thing new I learned was controlling a display that in the beginning seemed hard but when I learned how to use it, it has really simple. The other components that I worked with and seemed difficult were the Ethernet shield and the relay, the one that was most difficult to work with was the relay, but in the end it worked properly and we did some great project’s with it. The Ethernet shield was my biggest challenge here, before I came here I had base of html and for web that was it, but to work with the Ethernet shield I had to learn html much better and a small introduction to PHP,I have also researched JavaScript which I didn’t use. I learned to think in the future utilities of something I just made and to see that I can resolve problems without asking for help or without stopping anyone’s work.

All the projects we have done I noticed a big difference from the beginning, I saw that I learned a lot and my work has quickly getting better. I have done lots of projects with tutorials and videos explaining how the projects worked, with this tutorials I learned the importance of making the things (programming) not only understandable to me but to the others who will read my code to try to understand and make it work.

I had also to work with a small amount of Computer hardware, it wasn’t difficult, I had to put thermic paste in a processor from my computer, and install 2 sound boards (with drivers).

I also learned that in the beginning of every project I need to think what I am going to do, plan it, write it and then execute it, for later on to see and resolve problems faster. In the end of every day I was used to make reports of what I’ve done in that day, and that thought me that in the work world we need to do the things quick and well without problems.

All the people that worked with us were great, Salvatore, Gaetano and Alessandra were the greatest people, Salvatore was our tutor and helped me with lots of things and thought me some good advice about lots of things, I didn’t have lot’s of contact with Gaetano but we was always a nice guy that asked if we needed anything and always helped us when we need it, Alessandra was the one received and edited all our tutorials and videos to put on the HydraSolutions webpage. (Simona was also a great co-worker but we didn’t work with her). The ambient of the company was great, I think I was very lucky to come here, I had the opportunity to meet new people who thought me good things who were nice to me and who never recused to help me.

For me this was a great experience where I have gained and shared knowledge and learned how work in a company is. All the projects were not easy as the first ones, the projects got difficult one after another but it has good to see that I could do it and I had the knowledge and the ability to make more. I had to fight with bugs with the help of my partner and Tutor, most of them we solved but unfortunately some of them we didn’t. In the end all of this was a great time and I am grateful for all the things the company did for me.